I'n 2007 GOD ALMIGHTY sounded the WORD the alarm that captured my heart and saved my soul when he opened my ears to hear and my eyes to see that I was in desperate need of a Redeemer, I had made no reservations for eternity! I was drifting trying to survive without hope, without peace, if I had died then, I would have gone to a lake of FIRE, hell without GOD, I was lost but now thank GOD I heard his voice and answered the call! I have never been the same, I was born again and now I am found with the heartbeat of GOD beating in me on FIRE burning in my bones and SPIRIT with the message of the GOSPEL POWER of my SALVATION! The WORD of GOD has changed my life and has given me new songs with a new heart after GOD and HIS GREAT COMMISSION to carry the message of the cross, and to testify in song and testimony of what GOD has done for me and many others, I can bear witness with experience and evidence signs and wonders that cannot be denied.

Jesus Christ has risen and he rules and reigns sitting on the right hand of the Father in heaven where he has gone to prepare a place for those who love him and keep his commandments, and he lives in the hearts of those who have asked Him to come in, and those who have been born again! God is everywhere and everything we need and want! He is more than enough! He is joy and He is peace and rest!

God is omnipotent, sovereign, wonderful, mighty and awesome and never leaves us. God is our Rock and because He has called us, we choose to serve the Lord this day and everyday that he gives us His breath, we will serve Him and sing songs that He puts in our mouth and heart to praise His Holy name and to testify of his grace and mercy and faithfulness in our hopes to lift burdens to break yokes to set the captives free, rescue the perishing and to minister to God’s people under God in the Divine Holy Spirit inspired by God and His word that we love and cherish and choose to serve with truth, honor, integrity, sincerity, devotion and gratitude for what can we give that he does not already own but our hearts and spirit.
It is out hearts desire to serve the Lord Jesus Christ to spread the gospel in the music, songs and testimony that He alone has put in our heart for God, our hope is to be the living sacrifice, to be set apart, sanctified for the glory of God and His plan the great commission. We believe we have been called and chosen for His commission for such a time as this.